Uninstall Weather Channel Desktop 6

In many cases, we can uninstall Weather Channel Desktop 6 directly from Add/Remove programs and Start/All Programs/Weather Channel/Uninstall. But some times, it becomes difficult to fully uninstall the program from the computer when corrupted. If having Perfect Uninstaller in hand, you can quickly uninstall Weather Channel Desktop 6 because the Force Uninstall function allows us to directly uninstall programs from their folders. This is particularly useful in uninstalling any corrupted applications.

Now, Force Uninstall Weather Channel Desktop 6
1) Quit Weather Channel Desktop 6 from the right bottom of the desktop.
2) Navigate to the directory C:\Program Files\The Weather Channel FW, right click the folder “Desktop” and select “Force Uninstall” from the right-click menu. Perfect Uninstaller will launch instantly as follows, press “Next” to go.

3) Perfect Uninstaller has found all associated entries, press “Next” to remove.

With the processed above, you can completely uninstall Weather Channel Desktop 6 from your computer, even if it is a corrupted version. But it is a full version, it is greatly recommended that you can first select to uninstall it with the Uninstall function.

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