Uninstall Naomi Web Filter

How to uninstall Naomi Web Filter with Perfect Uninstaller?

How Do You Uninstall Naomi Web Filter? There is no way to uninstall Naomi Web Filter without the passwords. But it may still be stuck there even you have the passwords when you uninstall it using Add/Remove programs. When you boot the computer the next time, the program is back again and cannot be found in the application list. Now it is annoying to the users. What the users are thinking may be to uninstall it completely as soon as possible. If you have the same problems as above and can not settle it down, please have a look at the instructions with Perfect Uninstaller as follows.

Step1: Run Perfect Uninstaller, click Special Uninstall on the main interface.

Step2: Click Naomi Web Filter in the appliation list.

Step3: Click Next, and then Next.

Step4: Click Finish to completely uninstall Naomi Web Filter.

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