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Perfect Uninstaller Help
What Is Perfect Uninstaller ?

Perfect Uninstaller is an easier and faster way for you to uninstall / remove any unneeded application that PC standard Add/Remove Program can't remove. Besides uninstalling the unneeded application itself, the Perfect Uninstaller can scan and clean the Registry Entries that the uninstalled application left Over. This will protect your PC from corrupted file errors and improve your PC performance and speed!

Can PU Show Detailed Information Of The Applictions ?
Yes, PU can automatically connect to the application data and show its details when you are trying to remove the application in your PC. The information can help you remove the right application and not make a mistake. This function really works for you.
Can PU Remove Hidden Application Installed In My PC?
Yes, PU is very smart to automatically scan and recognize the installed applications in your PC when you are trying to remove them. Some of the application can not be removed automatically but you can forcibly remove them with Perfect Uninstaller.
Should I believe in Perfect Uninstaller ?

Of course, PU is serious software developed by Qiwang Limited Company, who has developed various famous software that have been sold well all over the world for many years, such as registryeasy and spywarekiller. Their users come from most of the developed countries and are still popular. Unlike other uninstall tools developed by university students, Perfect Uninstaller is very professional which was developed by our experienced engineers.

How To Contact Us ?
You can email us by this email address: support@perfectuninstaller.com
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