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Uninstall Fortinet FortiGate 60? How to Uninstall Fortinet FortiGate 60 Completely and Effectively

Fortinet FortiGate 60 is one of the most popular tools for people’s communication. Even though Fortinet FortiGate 60 is very useful, it is very difficult for you to fix Fortinet FortiGate 60 errors which may occur while your Windows system is corrupted. In this case, you had better to uninstall your Fortinet FortiGate 60 and reinstall it after you have fixed your Windows system well due to the errors might still be left over your Fortinet FortiGate 60 folder.

Remove Fortinet FortiGate 60

Do you want to uninstall Fortinet FortiGate 60 but you really don't know how you can do this? Don’t worry, just following the instructions by giving out a step-by-step Fortinet FortiGate 60 removal Tips.
This way, you will be able to easily remove Fortinet FortiGate 60 from your computer.

How to Uninstall Fortinet FortiGate 60

1. Remove Fortinet FortiGate 60 by manual

1) Click on the "Start Menu" and find and click on "Control Panel".
2) When you are in the "Control Panel", find the "Add / Remove Programs" tab and click on it.
3) Now you'll see a huge list with programs, applications and software programs. Now you've got to find the Fortinet FortiGate 60 and select it.
4) Once you've found it, hit the uninstall button and confirm that you want to uninstall the program.
5) Now the uninstall process will start. Keep in mind that this can take a little while.
This is exactly how you can uninstall the Fortinet FortiGate 60 from your computer. Unfortunately, sometimes the uninstall fails, or you don't really know how to handle these steps. Therefore, it is highly recommended you to use the Perfect Uninstaller to automatically remove Fortinet FortiGate 60 . What you need to do is just click some buttons of Perfect Uninstaller as the following:

2.Uninstall the Fortinet FortiGate 60 by Using Perfect Uninstaller

If the uninstall has failed then you can only do one more thing. You use an uninstaller to do the job for you. This way, you will be able to basically uninstall Fortinet FortiGate 60 on auto-pilot.

  1. Run Perfect Uninstaller.
  2. Select the “Force uninstall” tab on Perfect Uninstaller’s main panel.
  3. Click “OK” when the tip pops up.
  4. Find the directory directly in the hard drive where the Fortinet FortiGate 60 locates. It always locate in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\
  5. 1

  6. Click “Next” and then follow the on-screen prompts to finish uninstalling Fortinet FortiGate 60 .


The Perfect Uninstaller will uninstall the Fortinet FortiGate 60 . Once that has been done, the Perfect Uninstaller will scan through your drivers and your registry to make sure that every single file has been removed from your computer.
Therefore, in order to uninstall Fortinet FortiGate 60 from your computer you simply have to follow the 5 steps above. If these steps fail to work then the best option is to get the Perfect Uninstaller.

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